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Education comes in many forms. Most commonly, people refer to schools they attended as their education. A possibly more important form of education comes from experience. I have gained that education from attempting many different things.


I expect to earn a Master's of Science in the Management of Secure Information Systems (aka Cyber) from George Mason University, School of Management in May 2013.

This program combines elements of management and leadership with information technology and public policy. We studied many aspects of cyber security, including advanced threats, defensive technologies, policy and governance. We also traveled to London and Berlin to speak directly with international companies dealing with cyber security issues.

In May 2009, I earned a Bachelor's of Science in Business Management from George Mason University, School of Management.

My time at Mason was very busy. I took many classes outside my major and I participated in many student organizations I was interested in. I took many technology related classes (in Computer Science, Physics, and Calculus) and participated in Student Government and Event Programming for University Life. I also worked as an Audio/Visual technician for major events. All of these activities increased my strong leadership, communication, and problem solving skills.


My personal experience, in addition to school activities, has given me a large amount of technical knowledge. I have taught myself a few programming languages and concepts, and have learned to use different tools. Some of the concepts that I am familiar with include:


Certifications prove that an individual has a specific skill set associated with the certificate program.  Below are the certifications that I currently hold (click to verify):

RedHat RedHat Certified System Administrator
Earned 2011-01-19
Security+ Certified CompTIA Security+
Earned 2011-Jan-14
Expires 2014-Jan-14
Network+ Certified CompTIA Network+
Earned 2010-Mar-30
Server+ Certified CompTIA Server+
Earned 2009-Nov-16

Education is a continual process and as I learn new concepts and become certified, I will be updating this list. So check back for new updates!