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I am passionate about Cyber Security and am interested by many areas of technology. My career thus far has included systems administration, system security management, security policy, and systems engineering. I graduated in the first cohort of the Master of Science in Management of Secure Information Systems at George Mason University in 2013.

I graduated from George Mason University in May 2009 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management. In addition, I have a large amount of both leadership and technology experience that I got from my extracurricular activities at Mason and my own personal motivation. The combination between my business knowledge, leadership experience, and technological aptitude makes me a very valuable asset to any organization. I have developed the ability to multi-task many different responsibilities and act in many different roles at the same time.

My dream job is to solve complex organizational problems by creating new processes or improving existing processes using technology as the catalyst. I have a strong passion for technology and learn best by doing.

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